About Us

Shanga is a social enterprise established by a group of 5 Year 13 students from Mt Aspiring College in Wanaka who are participating in the 2021 Young Enterprise Scheme. As a group of students we acknowledge how fortunate we are here in New Zealand and we are aware that millions of children worldwide do not have access to a world class education system like us. 263 million children are not in school worldwide, 30 million of those children are from Africa. This inspired our company’s vision to provide socially sustainable and useful products that support developing communities. Our products are the tools we will use to raise awareness of this issue. This is why Shanga will be donating 20% of our profit to the charity 'So They Can'. So They Can is a not -for-profit organisation whose vision is to change the future for children living in poverty through education

We have partnered with a social enterprise in Kenya to produce our products. This company also supports So They Can and employs women who they are empowering through education, skill creation and employment opportunities to improve their lives and that of their families. Through this partnership and our donations to So They Can we believe this will enable more children in Africa to have an education just like we do.


Email: contactshanga@gmail.com

Phone No: 0272508163